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About Traditional Art / Student Core Member Christy26/Female/United States Groups :iconkruger-beasts: Kruger-Beasts
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Here you will find a mix of art and photographs
Abby Bust 2017 Dev Id by Abi-Gale
My Life mate and love

My besties here are
and many many many more.…


Side Accounts and Info

My Name is Abbie or Abi or Frost or Christy,
which ever you find easiest to remember.
I am a stay at home artist and farmer.
I raise poultry to donate their meat and
eggs to homeless shelters near me to
help feed families in need. My fiance
PsychoGyilkos and I work almost
non-stop on caring for our growning
flock. Just last year we started out with
1 little turkey which blossomed into more,
we currenty own
5 Narrgansett Turkeys, 2 Gobblers 3 Hens
1 Sweetgrass hen
1 Production Red Chicken hen
2 Silver laced Wyandotte Hens
2 Easter Egger Hens
7 Guinea Fowl, 2 Cockerels 5 Hens
4 Muscovy Ducks, 1 Drake 3 Hens

The chicks, poults, ducklings
4 Rouen Ducklings
11 Plymouth Barred Rock chicks
3 Assorted bantam chicks
1 Buff Orpington chick
1 Mystery chicken chick
1 Production red chick
1 Brown leghorn chick
4 Australorp chicks

In those two account you can locate my Art Role playing gallery and my Photos from every day life style.
Both are still new so I am moving all the items that are on this account to those slowly but surely.

Things for me And more

Father like son by Urureii Gold Star for Abbie! by SunkmanituThanka7 Star and friend! by Rhinorocket
Chibi Glaer by Mr-Fart-Sparkle The Sphinx and The Cat by SunkmanituThanka7 Thor Son of Odin by Kre-ARPG
Toasty has a Frighten by dergenn
Main Species Group
Abbie - Main character
Abbie 05 by Abi-Gale
Off Oc
[A] Prancing Rooster - CLOSED by DerangedLeech


Abbie Spotlight

Abbie by Abi-Gale Abbie in her Anthro Form by Abi-Gale
Abbie as a witch by Abi-Gale Witch Hat | Unnamed by Justt-K
Hunting in a new pack by Abi-Gale Abbie 05 [OutDated] by Abi-Gale
Back into the Tartoks by Abi-Gale Abby Ref WiP 2017 by Abi-Gale

Positive: Good listener, Protective, Caring, Loving, Sweet, Kind, Flirty, Curious, and Flexible, Complex, Stern, Loyal, Stoic, Quiet to an extent, Smart, Good adviser and mentor, Happy go lucky
Likes: Sushi, Music, Singing, Hunting, fishing, outdoor activities, drawing, writing

Negative: Easily annoyed, aggressive, ruthless when fighting, Jealous of other women around her man, Sarcastic, Impatient, Sly, Sassy
Dislikes: Stupid drivers, know it alls, mushrooms, okra


Birth and Pup hood]
Abbie was born in the late winter to an Alpha female named Claira and her mate Rayz, little did they know that their young pup would be the strongest and one of the rarest Krugers to roam the world. Abbie was born blind and deaf like all mammals, it took weeks before the young pup gained partial sight and hearing, at this time she was also working on being weaned from her mother Claira as her teeth were starting to grow in little at a time and that's not a good thing with a nursing pup. Once she was weaned and her teeth fully cut through she began practicing hunting of small rodents, toads and birds honing her skills at such a young age.

Abbie found her way flying through the training classes and ranks amongst the medium sized clan. Her mother Claira was at the time the Alpha female running the clan next to her mate Rayz. At a young age Abbie's elements started to show, not just one but many. Training hard to master them was her life goal, up until she met a young buck named Riley. Abbie and Riley became close, training and goofing off like kids do. As the duo grew up in age their closeness also grew and bloomed into a relationship. By the time Abbie reached her 18th birthday she had mastered all but one of the elements, the Void was the hardest and most impacting one she was trying to master, causing her massive migraines and unpredictable mood swings when not around Riley.


Abby's song dedicated to her by Striker. The Last Of The Real Ones - Fall Out Boy


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